MBST is a new magnetic resonance therapy being offered at Optimum Performance Clinic which stimulates the regenerative process. It in non-invasive and can be beneficial for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, general wear and tear and sports/accident injuries.


Find out what our patients thought about MBST treatment and what effect it had on them.


Testimonial 1:


65 year old male, very active, still working, has a tear in meniscus in the knee. September 2016


I decided to have arthroscopy on the knee 6 years ago which resulted in the very sharp pains being bearable but of course I was told the cartilage will not repair, and that was as good as it was going to get ….. That was not what I wanted to hear.

The first three treatments I have to say I was telling Sue well can’t feel any difference! It is plugged in isn’t it? Going into the second half sessions 5 to 7 the knee started to tighten up. The usual tightness and pain twinges I got on the inner meniscus moved to just a gentle tightness around the knee above and below the knee cap. This has continued after the treatment was completed, and I have not rested the knee but carried on all activities as normal.

Since completing the treatment I played 18 holes Saturday and Sunday and I have to say vast improvement over experiences before over the last 6 years on walking and recovery. No pain at all and just some tightness still above and below the knee. Standing up from sitting after golf would always come with inevitable twinges of pain on the knee and so far nothing! I have to say it seems to be improving day by day and hopefully week by week as Sue suggested that the improvements will continue for up to ten weeks after the treatment.


Testimonial 2:


23 year old female Rugby player with severely torn ligament and degeneration in the ankle. August, 2016.


I was very cautious that this treatment was purely a placebo effect to make me think my ankle was better. However after 7 treatments I am amazed that for the first time in 18 months the swelling has reduced and the pain has substantially decreased. I am excited to see the full result of the treatment and the prospect of running out onto the pitch again!


For more information on MBST call the Optimum Performance Clinic on 01276 684965 or check out our website http://www.optimumperformanceclinic.co.uk/index.php/mbst


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