Wednesday 13th Jan

Been reasonably ok since Sunday - a little bit of DOMS in the right hamstring - weird  - never experienced that before from running - must have been to do with the leg press session. Busy busy at work, running club committee, planning for the year ahead at work - long days, no chance to run really until this morning. Easy 4 miles out and back on the thames path in Staines. Sociable run chatting about work. Pain free and felt good. Experiment at work afterwards - stand up desk. Everyone has said it supposed to be good - so I gave it a go today. It was hard. All I wanted to do was sit down. Fortunately I had a 2 hour meeting pm, so I could. Knee feels fine this evening - could even venture out again tomorrow.. I wonder?


Thursday 14th Jan

Ok, feeling fine after my 4 miles yesterday - time to find out if I can tolerate consecutive days. Slow, short and easy - 2 miles ish - exploring new roads/routes looking for a loop to use for speedwork. After the drive to work, knee felt a little stiff. A bit of warm up on the spot, then off at slow pace. Knee we sore/stiff for at least the first half mile - almost stopped, but it eased. Let’s see how it feels later. 


Friday 15th Jan

Some initial soreness after yesterday - during the afternoon, but it wore off. Felt fine this morning - working at home -  felt like I could run again. Considered for a while, then opted for a quick tour in the bike. 10 miles, everything good, completely pain free - though it was a bit slow. Fitness is waning a bit - need to get back on it. I reckon I can safely do another 8 miles this week, so park run return tomorrow and then 5 miles on Sunday. Nice.


Saturday 16th Jan

Feeling strong and confident this morning - so time for a park run return. St Albans Parkrun 4th Birthday - so expecting a big turnout, and frosty, so it will be the winter course - never managed to run that in 4 year. Find the trail shoes. Determined to take it easy, as I want to run tomorrow too. Nice sociable run, but kicked at the end to not get left behind. Can tell I’ve done it afterwards.. knee.. Hopefully it will settle. 


Sunday 17th January

First snowy day of the winter - time for some fun. Usual 8am running crew - what could possibly go wrong. 1 mile in, felt invincible - started considering sticking with the group and going on to 10 miles.. but 3 miles in, discretion returns.. turned left and returned to deliver 6.5 glorious, snowy, hilly miles. Felt awesome. So, that 1.5 miles over the weekly target.. let’s see what happens now, but knee feels strong - it’s just the rest of me that feels a bit weak. But hey, at least I’m back running again.


Monday 18th January

Really surprised - no ill effects at all. Rest day from running, but MUST make an effort to get to the gym..

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