Tuesday 15th December

Lorna home from Uni - good opportunity to get to the gym with her, she has always been able to completely wipe me out on core work - but now the tables have turned, has to slow down for her. Perhaps there is something in this strength work stuff then..? Managed the most repeats ono the leg press so far. Left leg still takes real effort, but I can work it now. Can feel the knee a little afterwards, but it's a minor ache, almost insignificant.


Thursday 17th December

Still holding it together - I sense it could be a big day today - Physio later. Fingers crossed. Physio done. Wooohoooo - I can run tomorrow. Ok, it is only 12 minutes walk run, but that's progress. Knee is much better, shockwave has really done the job here - Sue tells me that without it this would be a three month injury. Also she's happy now that it is tendon, not the fatty pad behind the knee cap (that would be bad apparently!) Was going to do gym later, but honestly I'm so wrecked from work - I'll have a night off.


Friday 18th December

Run/Walk test done. 12 minutes, 1 min walk, 2 mins easy run, repeat. A little stiffness, but no pain. Feeling absolutely pain free at the end. It's all about the next 12/24 hours. No pressure.


Saturday 19th December

All seems ok. 1 tiny little niggling soreness, but nothingg that I wouldn't have expected having been for a run anyway. All good.


Sunday 20th December

Hmmm, niggling knee keeps grabbling my attention. A little more sore today than I would have hoped. Off to the gym, cross trainer, core, leg work - avoid impact, avoid impact. Feeling a bit concerned. Sore spot right in the centre of the tendon at the base of the knee cap.


Tuesday 22nd December

Knee seems to have settled a bit now - less sore and feeling more stable. I guess rest, keep up the non-impact routine. No need to panic - yet. 35 miles a week from 1st Jan looks unlikely though to be honest.


Thursday 24th December

All I really want for Christmas....is to go for a run. Been a bit manic with parties, work, more parties, dinners - no running at all. Knee is a bit niggly, but not terribly so. Could perhaps try 12 mins again over the holiday..lets see.


Friday 25th Decmber - Happy Christmas everyone

Awake early (too many 5.30 starts to let me sleep in!!) so what the heck - knee feels good. 12 min test take 2. Felt good, strong, flowing no discomfort in the knee at all. Nice Christmas present. Let's hope the pain stays away?? Looking at my training data, training load and performance prediction are at the lowest I've been since August 2012. Can I really bounce back from here and do a marathon PB?


Sunday 27th December

Turned down the option of a boxing day park run - would have loved to do it, feeling sluggish and fat after Christmas, but decided discretion was the better part of valour and 5km on the road was simply too much. So here we are Sunday - knee feels ok, a little sore but not as bad as last week. Gym then. Applied my own ToroPro tape, the 10k on the cross trainer. Tape came off after about 5 minutes (clearly I haven't figured the technique yet, or didn't leave it to dry long enough) but completed the 10k in 40 minutes. Bit of strength, then a session on the leg press. Still getting stronger. Left is still weaker, but I can complete 20 reps in a set now - massive progress. Progress has seemed to be really slow, but today I am feeling more positive. Perhaps London is still possible...


Monday 28th December

Feeling good - beautiful morning - so 2 miles, 1 min walk, 3 mins run, then ran the last half mile without stopping. Let's see what happens now.


Tuesday 29th December

It's still quite surprising - feels like I need to learn to run all over again. 2 miles and calves, hamstrings, glutes all sore. Knee is 'still there' but the soreness is manageable and contained. This morning for a change I dug out the road bike - favourite 10 mile loop - change it up a bit.


Wednesday 30th December

Day off exercise today - the cold I have been nursing has finally come out in flower - hopefully I'll shake it off in a day or two. Meanwhile - the knee seems to get stronger and stronger - no ill effects from Monday, no pain and almost no stiffness. The thing might be cracked. Just need not to get carried away I guess.


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