Saturday 5th December

Cross-trainer backwards? That's the weirdest thing I have ever done...

Feeling so much more positive today. Knee seems less painful - even first thing in the morning, no pain on that first step getting out of bed. Foam roller on the hamstring is easier to tolerate too. And I am able to kneel and take my weight on my left knee - first time I've been able to do that in months. Progress. So, off to the gym today. Apparently cross-training backwards is something people do, but it seemed a crazy idea to me. It feels really weird and after 10 minutes warm up I could really feel my quads and hamstrings. Must be good then, right? Core strength workout, with leg press work introduced into each set. Left hamstring is awake now - but considerable weaker than the right - I can 'easily' repeat press 20kg with the right but honestly 5kg takes effort on the left. Hamstring seems to be able to bear the workload, so with some patience it should get better. Over an hour session and a reasonable workout - but all I want to do is run. 16 weeks to London is Christmas week - in three weeks!

Monday 7th December

Knee feels almost completely pain free. Exciting. Gym again tomorrow...Might walk on the treadmill for a bit...

Tuesday 8th December

Still been feeling really strong. Reasonable couple of days at work and managed to get out on time today. Hit the gym at 5:30 - peak time, first time I’ve ever been there at that time. All the crossfit and running machines in use. No choice but cycle for 10 minutes, then crossfit (Backwards!) for 10 minutes. Felt easy and nothing complaining (though still very weird), so I finished off the warmup with 2 minutes crossfit forwards - a bit rebellious.. Core routine, then onto the leg press machine. 3 sets of 10 @ 15 KG each leg - left leg much harder than the right, but at least I could do it. Progress. Another core set, then back to the leg press and 2 more sets, but that’s all I could do with the left. Feeling confident so (don’t tell anyone) I did 30 seconds walk and 1 minute run (6 kmh) on the treadmill. Honestly, felt like I have never run before in my life. Now, 4 hours later, knees feels a bit sore. Foam roller, then bed. Hopefully it will be fine in the morning. 

Wednesday 9th December

Hmm, knee is a bit sore this morning. Ok once I get moving, but probably did too much last night. don’t panic.. Ok, ok.. been well and truly told off. No running. Avoid impact. Cycling, cross trainer are fine. But no running. And did I mention, no running? Shockwave was good and much less painful (Sue found one or two spots sure…) which seems to be progress. Sue advises leg press, single leg deadlifts and reverse plank for the hamstring imbalance. A little dejected.. but it is what it is.. No running then. Sigh...

Thursday 10th December. 

3 weeks and 1 day since I last ran.. Feels like I’ve never run before and never will again.. Work, then Gym. Stayed too long at work.. missed the gym. Managed 2 sets of reverse plank. Left glute quite sore.

Friday 11th December

Working at home today - great opportunity to steal and hour at lunch for the gym - 20 minutes bike, 20 minutes cross trainer, 5 mins cool down, then some stretching, reverse plank and onto the leg press. 3x10x15kg on each leg. I can do it now, but left leg still much weaker. 

Saturday 12th December

Serious DOMS - both legs, calves, hamstrings, glutes. Was not expecting that..

Sunday 13th December

DOMS eased this morning after copious foam roller on the hamstrings and calves. Gym again later. Chores done, shower room ceiling re-painted, christmas tree bought… Gym then. Cross trainer, some core, some leg/hamstring work. Can really feel the reverse planks starting to work. Bike for 20 minutes to finish, then strrreeeettcccchhh. You know, I feel like I an getting there with this gym work - and probably stronger as a result. Might even make me a faster runner - if I’m ever allowed to run again, that is.

Monday 14th December

Wow. Feeling really strong this morning. No DOMS, legs feel fine - AND NO KNEE PAIN!! At all. Exciting. 

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