Sunday 29th November

Really starting to get the running withdrawal symptoms now - need to do something before my legs explode. Gym session then...

10 minutes on the cross-trainer to warm up, then 3 sets of a core session. Sue recommended single leg pressses, as high as possible, gues what - left leg is really weak - considerably weaker than right - I guess that's the problem. I sense some more gym sessions coming up to sort that. Gym session went well and feel a bit more relaxed now... perhaps I can get through this. Maybe Sue will let me a run a little bit after the next appointment on Thursday...Maybe...

Tuesday 1st December

2 full days sitting in a classroom on management training - not the best rehab - but some time for research. Type in 'patella tendon hamstring' in google - pretty sure I just figured out the root cause. Since Sunday I have been really concious of my left hamstring. It was really sore after attempts at leg press on Sunday. So I've been stretching, foam rolling like crazy. it's easing, but I am pretty sure it has been asleep for a while - maybe months. The knee is 'just' a symptom. Oh well, at least I know. Back to the gym then. 20 mins cross-trainer, core strength session and then work on legs - leg presses and hamstring curls. Felt a bit stronger than Sunday (maybe). I'll get Sue to look at it on Thursday - I'm sure she will be able to fix it...

Thursday 3rd Decmeber

Back to see Sue today - Feeling really miserable. This is going to take a while. Knee feels rubbish - is there any progress? Hamstring very sore and knotty - can't seem to stretch or roll it out. Gushed all over Sue when I arrived..."this is crap - feel miserable - just want to run" the usual stuff. Couldn't even be bothered to remove the ToroPro tape - left that for Sue - my god the glue on that stuff is good - ouch! More shockwave then - not too painful at first - progress Sue claimed! But then she found the spot (just on the lower right of the patella, yep that's where it is) and oh my - I don't think I cried - much. Flip over and have a look at the hamstring. Sue could feel some scar tissue and my left leg felt weak when trying to force my heel back. More shockwave then. Not too painful this time. Immediate results - I could force my heel back with ease and leg felt better - but let's not get carried away. Long chat about rehab, foam roller, leg presses (no hamstring curls or straight leg stretching!!), cross-trainer backwards (I bet that will raise some comments at the gym). It's great to get such practical, pragmatic, sensible advice. Feel a bit better now. but I still can't run, and no idea when I will be able to - have I mentioned how much I hate the gym?

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