MBST is a new magnetic resonance therapy being offered at Optimum Performance Clinic which stimulates the regenerative process. It in non-invasive and can be beneficial for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, general wear and tear and sports/accident injuries.


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Building the Core Foundations for Next Season (Part 1) Stabilisation

In the first of our 2 part blog series for pre-season we address the importance building a stabilisation system in your body to prevent injuries for the season ahead.

There are two muscular systems to take into consideration when implementing an effective core conditioning programme for a player, and they are stabilisation and movement.

Each one is just as important to the other and therefore must be trained in equilibrium to produce total functionality.

Wednesday 13th Jan

Been reasonably ok since Sunday - a little bit of DOMS in the right hamstring - weird  - never experienced that before from running - must have been to do with the leg press session. Busy busy at work, running club committee, planning for the year ahead at work - long days, no chance to run really until this morning. Easy 4 miles out and back on the thames path in Staines. Sociable run chatting about work. Pain free and felt good. Experiment at work afterwards - stand up desk. Everyone has said it supposed to be good - so I gave it a go today. It was hard. All I wanted to do was sit down. Fortunately I had a 2 hour meeting pm, so I could. Knee feels fine this evening - could even venture out again tomorrow.. I wonder?

Sunday 3rd Jan

Too wet and miserable to go outside with the remnants of a cold - so gym. 10 mins x-trainer, core work and some leg press sets. Can reliably/repeatably press 15KG with the left now. Getting stronger. Ended the session with 10 mins treadmill, including 4 mins at 15 KPH (sub 7mm). Should help me assess where I am at with the knee.

Tuesday 15th December

Lorna home from Uni - good opportunity to get to the gym with her, she has always been able to completely wipe me out on core work - but now the tables have turned, has to slow down for her. Perhaps there is something in this strength work stuff then..? Managed the most repeats ono the leg press so far. Left leg still takes real effort, but I can work it now. Can feel the knee a little afterwards, but it's a minor ache, almost insignificant.

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